Winter Inspired Makeup Styles

Winter Inspired Makeup Styles

Whether you are getting ready for a Christmas party or just trying out and experimenting with looks and styles to wear over the festive period, then choosing some different colour combinations and styles which suit the season is always a good place to start.

There are so many different winter inspired makeup styles to choose from and there are certain colour combinations, styles and shapes that create the perfect holiday glamour look. Here are some tips and styles that you can try out for the ultimate winter inspired makeup looks!


Colour Combinations

With so many colours to draw inspiration from for your makeup styles this winter, it can be hard knowing where to start. Whether you want to go for bright colours or stick with soft blues and whites, there are very few rules when it comes to colours.


As it is winter, be sure to look for products that have a high glitter pigment or even use cosmetic glitter for sparkle that wows. Glitter is perfect for creating a stylish look this Christmas, as it reminds us of snow and ice and the way that they shimmer in the bright winter sunshine. For a simple winter inspired makeup look, then gold glitter eyelids paired with a black eyeliner and red lip is sure to add definition to your outfit.


Simple Neutrals

If you prefer a simple matte eyeshadow style to a shimmering one, then winter is the perfect time to experiment with different looks. With winter inspired makeup comes softer and darker colours which are perfect for wearing every day. Powdered neutrals are best when it comes to eyeshadow, as they are less likely to appear heavy on your eyelid.


If you want to follow the neutral theme on the rest of your face, then add a light layer of pink blush and a lipstick or gloss that almost matches the natural colour of your lips. The goal with neutral makeup is to create a natural and healthy glow.


Bright Christmas Dazzle

Every now and then, especially during the winter and around Christmas, it is fun to really go all out and get fully made up. This is where the staple smokey eye comes in, but it’s also fun to add something a little extra. A true winter inspired makeup look will be bright and sparkly, so don’t be afraid to really add some glitter and glam this festive season.


Use a gold glitter on your eyelids and to the inside corners of your eyes to add some depth to your look. If you’re looking for something a little funkier, then add to your winter inspired makeup style by using a glitter eyeliner.