Glitter pots for sparkle on the go…

See our beautiful range of cosmetic glitter pots here, so you can add a touch of sparkle at home or on the go! Our glitter pots have been handcrafted with love and care to ensure that you can create beautiful looks that like last all day… and all night long!

Our glitter pots are unbeatable in size and quality, we stock large 10ml sparkle pots which are beautiful and incredibly long lasting!

Our cosmetic glitter comes in a pot with a handy screw lid. This is perfect if you’re applying our cosmetic glitter at home or on the go as you can stick your brush straight into the jar.  Which means less mess and more sparkle! We also have glitter gel to secure your glitter in place, perfect for if you want to party the night away!

These pots are the perfect travel companion, so next time you’re heading to a festival or holiday, why not pop one in your backpack? If you’re looking for tips and sparkle updates, then check out our blog too!