Festival Glitter Makeup

Festival Glitter Makeup Heaven…


Whether you’re heading to the deliciously muddy fields of Glasto, or the sandy shores of Outlook – every festival needs a touch of sparkle!

Here at the Wish headquarters, festival season is our absolute favourite time of the year! What could be better than great music, amazing food, good company and of course, fabulous festival makeup!

It’s clear to see that we embrace the sparkle all year round, but for many, their inner sparkle goddess is reserved only for festival season. And why not? Festivals are, after all, the most magical places on earth, so everyone there should look magical! There’s nothing we love more than seeing people covered head to toe in festival glitter!

We love festival season because it’s the one time you can go all out and create beautiful shimmering looks with festival makeup that will make you feel like a mythical goddess!

Where can you find the best festival glitter makeup?

Why right here, of course! The beautiful looks you can create with our festival makeup collections are endless. We are proud of all of our festival glitter makeup collections, so whether you go unleash your inner alien with The Cosmic Collection, or discover your hidden mermaid with The Mermaid Collection, the choices are endless!

For the conscious festival goer:

Here at the Wish headquarters, looking after the environment is one of our biggest concerns! We love to see everybody covered in head to toe in festival glitter makeup, but for those of you who are environmentally conscious, we have been working on something that is extra special! Our normal range of glitter has a very minimal impact on the environment, so not to worry! But our range of biodegradable glitter will be available soon and will be made out of biodegradable materials such as cellulose for all of your festival glitter needs!

This means that you can cover yourself in from head to toe in our festival makeup without a care in the world! What could be better than that?

So, make sure that you are the queen of the festival season this year with our beautiful festival glitter makeup collections! Create stunning looks that will not only look incredible but are also easy to apply and will keep you sparkling all weekend long…If you want to get your hands on our full range of festival makeup glitters you can find them here!

Plus, if you’re not quite adventurous enough to create your sparkle looks yourself, you can come see us at these festivals and our super talented team will create them for you! Here are festivals we participate in, and there are more coming soon!

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Some Festival Makeup Inspiration…

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We cater for all events
We cater for all events
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