How To Make A Small Christmas Party Fun

How To Make A Small Christmas Party Fun

Whether you are attending or throwing a small Christmas party this year, there are plenty of ways that you can make it just as fun and memorable as a huge festive ball. One of the most important steps in making a small Christmas party fun is to plan.

No matter if the party is strictly adults-only or a more relaxed family affair, then here are some ways you can ensure everyone has a great time!


Fun Games

Once you have assessed how many people are attending, then it should be easy for you to plan out your entertainment from there. Before you choose a game, think about how many people are attending. The larger the party, the more inclusive you can make the games. Try and find games where you can divide people equally into teams if needed.


If some of your guests don’t know one another all that well, especially at a work Christmas party, try and include some funny ice-breaker games to lighten the mood.


Arts & Crafts

A small Christmas party usually means that you will need to have activities planned that everyone can join in with. A fun way to get everyone doing something together is by having a few arts and crafts activities. Christmas cookie decorating is a fun and creative way to keep your party goers busy and entertained, especially if your party is more family-orientated.


If you want to bring out a slightly more competitive activity, then why not prepare a few gingerbread houses for your guests to decorate? Split them into small teams and award prizes for the most elaborately or creatively decorated gingerbread house! Be sure to provide plenty of icing and sugar decorations for party-goers to get creative with!


Festive Photo Booth

Find the funniest and most entertaining Christmas props you can and create your own photo booth! Elf ears, Santa hats and reindeer antlers can all add humour to a group photo. If you have a specific theme for your small Christmas party, such as Winter Wonderland or Santa, then you can use Christmas props which fit with your theme.


Christmas isn’t complete without a little glitter, so why not make your party a night to remember with our team! Our adult face painting and glitter booths are the perfect addition to any Christmas party and will make your photos even more memorable. Imagine your manager with their face painted like Rudolph, or make someone up with a festive glitter beard! There is loads of fun to be had with glitter, especially at Christmas!


Christmas Karaoke

This is a great idea if your small Christmas party want to do something a little more unusual. You can either bring the karaoke machine to your venue or head out for the night to your local karaoke bar!


Try and source karaoke versions of popular Christmas songs for your guests to enjoy. You can even get two mics ready in case an impromptu duet is needed!