Festival Glitter Ideas to Try at Home

a woman getting glitter makeup applied to the side of her face. This is one of the many easy glitter makeup ideas to try at home

One of the most exciting things about going to a festival is getting your outfit ready, planning how you are going to have your hair and how you are going to have your makeup.

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Things to Consider When You Buy Festival Glitter

hand outstretched with glitter in the palm, even more reason to buy festival glitter!

All festival goers will agree that the whole experience is made so much better by adding a dash of sparkle to the day. Whether you cover yourself head to toe in glitter or have a subtle sheen, make sure to try it out!

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Festival Makeup Looks 2018

girl blowing glitter from the palm of her hand into the air.

Each year, the festival season comes around and gives us a chance to broaden our makeup horizons. We can play with textures and colours and, most importantly, break away from our day-to-day makeup and beauty routine.

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How to Protect Yourself at a Festival

festival stage with streamers going off

With summer well and truly here, many music lovers will be getting ready to head to their favourite festivals. Having fun and getting the most of the experience is key to having a great time at a festival and along with this is keeping yourself and your friends safe.

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Festival Makeup and Hairstyle Trends To Follow in 2018

picture of a festival, with pink lighting, a big stage and a big crowd cheering

So, you have packed all your glitter makeup and various hair accessories. Yet, have you ever got to the festival and hit that point of last-minute panic on being unsure which style you want for your hair!?

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Achieve Glitter Braids In 5 Simple Steps

woman wearing glitter braids and smiling into the camera

Achieving perfect braids is hard enough without adding dazzling glitter into the equation. If you’re a novice with braiding hair, the idea can seem daunting. But fear not, read on for our comprehensive step by step guide to glitter braid heaven!

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