The Best DIY Hen Party Favours

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As a bride-to-be, you will get very little say in what happens at your hen party. Traditionally the maid of honour is the person who organises the entire celebration, so whether you’re looking for a more low-key celebration or a full-blown hen party experience (outfits and all), the day will most likely be out of your hands.


One of the best ways to really get involved in the planning of your hen party is by sorting out the party favours for your hens. Making these favours yourself will really add that personal touch, so it’s always a good idea to put pen to paper and have a quick brainstorm before you begin your search for the best party favours. Here are some of our favourite DIY hen party favours to get you inspired…

Candle melts:

Making candle melts is surprisingly easy and is a beautiful gesture to give! All you need to make candle melts is lots of unscented candles, your favourite essence and essential oils and a bain marie. If you melt down the unscented candles, removing all of the wicks and outside casing, then you will be left with melted wax. Add essential oils, dried flowers, perfumes and scents to your taste and then pour the mixture into cupcake cases – once they have dried they are the perfect party favour!

Party bags:

No matter how old you get, you’re never too old for a party bag! Swap our the pencils and pencil sharpeners for pampering kits instead. It’s always a nice idea to select some of your favourite scents and luxury pampering miniatures to add a touch of class to your party bag. Swap out a birthday cake for a small box on macarons or a personalised cupcake. As well as this, it’s also vital to add in props and added extras (we think that our sparkle pots are essential to any hen party or celebration!

Handwritten thank you notes:

Handwritten thank you notes are often seen as a thing of the past, but it’s important to make your guests feel as though they are valued. Whether you reserve a handwritten thank you note for all of your guests or just for your maid of honour, the sentiment goes a long way!


The Ultimate Festival Packing Guide

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Festival season is upon us and it’s time to get packing. It may be a bit of a panic of what you need to pack but we’re going to advise not packing up the whole house when you go.

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Cute Makeup Trends to Try This Spring

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It’s never too soon to look around the corner for Spring. Regardless of the season’s, your make-up has to be up to scratch.  We feel like the Spring season is going to be a good one for our make-up lovers, and we’ve provided a countdown of the items you should be looking out for to look fabulous before Sun really makes an appearance.

Rose Gold Highlighter

Rose Gold itself is a great trend of colour that continues to stay relevant, and now it’s been spread to our make-up too. Available for highlighters, it’s sure to make cheeks glow whilst the Spring sun shines through the clouds. Regardless of skin tone, it’s the type of colour that sure to suit anyone and provide the shine you deserve. It looks pretty fancy on the Apple phone and it’s sure to look glamorous on you too.

Inky Lips

It might not seem adequate to put on the dark colours as the Spring/Summer season starts to hit but this spring, it’s definitely worth keeping out of the make up bag. Glossy lipstick is the thing of the past as inky shades for lips such as dark brown and plum are due to be the in thing this Spring. A rich shade contrasting with the lighter tones of highlighter will look perfect for warm weather seasons as the darker colours are here to stay longer than we expected.  

Flushed Cheeks

We’ve not forgotten the cheeks too. It’s all about making them look flush this Spring as the more natural look is replacing the strong contours and heavy foundations. Whether you’re looking for the innocent doll look or chic appearance they’re sure to be a prominent feature when applied well. Rosy colours for foundations are sure to give you the look you need, with the aim to apply it around the cheeks, nose and over the lips.

Glitter Highlighter

There’s no need to keep the Glitter Highlighter reserved for the festival season. Bring it out for the Spring season too. Really want to stand out from the crowd? You definitely won’t go unnoticed without it. It’s bound to bring out the best of your cheekbones and for a really defined look why not try adding loose glitter on top too for the real wow factor. It’s the chance to not overpower the glitter but help to enlighten it to give it a shine and sparkle.

Things to Consider When Planning a Girls Weekend Away

two people holding cocktails

If you are in need of a little bit excitement in this long stretch to Summer, then why not take the initiative and book a girls weekend away? Whether you decide to have a boozy weekend in Blackpool, or a cultured trip to Paris, there are certain things that you need to consider.

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Our top Summer Beauty Tips

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Winter is almost a distant memory and every day that passes brings us closer to the warmer weather. Call us prepared, but we want to get our beauty regime sorted before it all begins!

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Planning the Perfect Festival Wedding

looking out onto a crowd with lighting in the air and a microphone in front of the camera

Traditional weddings just don’t appeal to some couples… but that’s okay because we are living in 2018 and there are HUNDREDS of different options to choose from!

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