How to Get Over the Festival Blues

three girls sat at a festival facing the stage

There’s nothing worse than that post-festival come down. The music’s over, you’re packing away your tent and you’re getting ready to head home. It can be a little difficult coping with those festival blues once it’s all done. That’s why we’ve created a list of ways to help you get over those inevitable festival blues

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Fun Girls Day Out Ideas to Try

You know how the saying goes… girls just want to have fun! Everybody needs to have some girl time now and again and whether you’ve been working too much, looking after your children or swept up in everyday life, it’s important to take time out and see your girls!

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Creative Glitter Makeup Ideas to Try Yourself

If you don’t know by now… we absolutely LOVE glitter! We don’t think there’s anything better than having a few pots of glitter and a mirror, experimenting with different styles, colour combinations and just having fun!

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Men, Here’s How To Get A Full Glitter Beard

man with a glitter beard

First, there were beard ornaments, then beard-growing contests and now there are full glitter beards! Possibly one of the biggest trends this festival season, creating a full glitter beard is extremely fun and easy to do and it can be done in just a few minutes.

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How to Take the Perfect Festival Selfie

It’s almost becoming a tradition to take a selfie at a festival and if you’re tired of taking poor pictures, or getting tagged in unflattering pictures, then not to worry, we are here to help.

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