3 Easy Christmas Day Makeup Styles

3 Easy Christmas Day Makeup Styles

Figuring out what to wear for Christmas Day is only half of the problem for one of the most exciting days of the year – having your Christmas Day makeup arranged so that it not only goes with your outfit but is also suitable for your various plans is a completely different thing!

Whether you are heading out for a formal breakfast, celebrating with a low-key family lunch or heading out in the evening for cocktails with your friends, there are Christmas Day makeup looks for all occasions. Now, you won’t be wondering if your smokey eye is suitable for breakfast or if you have a little too much glitter for your casual lunch. Christmas Day is one of the best days of the year, so it is only natural that we want to feel and look our best.


3 Of The Best Christmas Day Makeup Styles


Shimmer and Shine

There is a reason why we love tinsel and lights so much when it comes to Christmas – they make everything look beautiful and glowing. The same is true for your Christmas Day makeup, especially when it comes to highlighter. Perfect for a low-key lunch with family, a little touch of shimmer will give you a touch of summer glow without looking over the top.


To perfect your own shimmer style, sweep a light layer of glittering powder over the cheekbones and below your brow bones, as well as on the inner corners of your eyes. If you have a light and fair skin tone, then use a peach or pink-based highlighter, whereas if you are medium or dark-skinned, opt for golden tones.


Formal Lip Shades For Formal Lunches

There is no shortage of chocolate over the festive season, and the rich shade is a great alternative to red lipstick colours. Skip the matte brown colours and choose those with a red or mauve undertone. This darker shade is perfect for Summer, but it is also very much on trend this season. Choose a lipstick which has a thicker texture as wet lipstick tends to lose its colour faster, which is why you are often left with lipstick marks on your wine glass!


If lipstick isn’t your thing, then stick with something that gives a bit of shine. Glossy lips are always going to look pretty, but when you use a shade which is a pale peach or pink colour and is flecked with shimmer, then it deserves a top spot in your makeup collection. When paired with a smokey eye or soft makeup palette, then you’ll keep the look perfect for a formal Christmas dinner without looking too overdone.


Perfect Eyeliner For Every Occasion

If you’re heading out for Christmas drinks with your friends, then you’re unlikely to have the energy to apply a full face of makeup after a fun-filled day. A simple sweep of black eyeliner across the eyelids gives a bold, yet classy, statement which doesn’t need much else. If you want to add a little extra something to your Christmas Day makeup look, then swap the black liner for a glitter liner instead.


If you have trouble holding your hand steady, then create small dashes against the lash line and connect them. Use a neutral tone – think a pink-beige colour – on the rest of the eyelid. Forget contouring and false eyelashes, this simple look is all you need for Christmas day!

If you want to create a truly special Christmas Day makeup look, then take a look at our Christmas glitter collection, after all, Christmas isn’t complete without a little sparkle. Our festive collection has something to suit all personalities and moods.